Contract CFO

Using our Contract CFO services enables a company to focus on core competencies while gaining the necessary financial expertise that works for the company’s budget. Instead of the financial burden of a full time CFO salary that may not be working in a CFO capacity, a Contract CFO provides those services and elements on a as needed basis.

Segmentation of work is easy to facilitate. You will be able to use an accountant or controller to provide basic bookkeeping, record keeping, check writing, analysis of accounts, and generation of financial statements under the direction and supervision of a contract CFO. At the same time, the contract CFO can concentrate on necessary financial analysis, projections, strategic analysis, and banking, as well as reporting information to owners, developing tax strategies, and working with attorneys, and building relationships with key stakeholders.  It is not unusual for competent CFOs to not be interested in, challenged by, or motivated by performing basic bookkeeping functions.

You will save money. It can be more economical to have a full time bookkeeper and a contract CFO than either one person serving as a bookkeeper and CFO, or in some cases only a CFO. A contract CFO can be more economical when the needs for the contract CFO do not constitute a full–time position, particularly in small organizations or in larger organizations with variable workloads.